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5 Health Screenings You Should Never Skip

Our Myrtle Creek Pharmacists Can Help with Routine Screenings

Your health is the most important thing to care for as the years go by, as our bodies are the one thing that we carry with us throughout life. Routine health screenings and exams help us to make sure we are in the best health possible, protecting us from unseen issues that could get out of hand. Although most health screenings are not done at your local pharmacy, our Myrtle Creek pharmacists still encourage you to take care of these critical screenings. Pharmacists work with your doctor to help you take care of yourself.

Call our pharmacists at Myrtle Drugs to learn about the screening we can perform and the available preventive health measures.

Five Important Health Screenings Not to Miss

The five screenings below are part of your routine screenings that help keep you feeling healthy. Although every individual is different in their health screening needs, these should be a great foundation.

  1. Annual Physical. Your physical may include flexibility and mobility checks, blood pressure screening, weight management, and routine bloodwork. This exam and bloodwork will help to catch any new developments or changes in your health from one year to the next. It also gives you a chance to review existing conditions or new concerns with your primary care doctor. Your bloodwork will tell the doctor how your liver, kidneys, thyroid, and reproductive organs are working, as well as a variety of other indicators of your internal health.
  2. Annual Well Women Exam. This appointment addresses reproductive and breast health while also providing an opportunity to get screenings for sexually transmitted infections or diseases. During this exam, you may have a Pap exam, HPV testing, breast exam, and abdominal exam.
  3. Mammogram. Mammograms typically are advised to start around age 40 unless you have a history of personal or familial risk factors. Mammograms are done annually unless you have a history of breast cancer, at which point they may be more regular and may also include an ultrasound or MRI.
  4. Colonoscopy. Both women and men should consider annual colonoscopies starting between ages 40-50, based on familial and personal risk factors. These look for various things including polyps, precancerous markers, and anything out of the ordinary.
  5. Skin exam. Preventative skin exams help your provider watch for changes in moles, bumps, skin texture, freckles, or age spots. This is especially important if you or your family has a history of skin or other cancer.

Myrtle Drugs Cares About Your Overall Health

Once you complete all your routine exams, your doctor will review your results and determine whether you need any preventive or maintenance-based medications, treatments, or other follow-ups. This may include medicine, cream, or preventive vitamins or minerals that you can find at your pharmacy. Because we work directly with doctors and patients, pharmacists are an important part of your preventive health plan.

Let the team at Myrtle Drugs help you maintain your health! Our Myrtle Creek pharmacists are here for you. Call us today!