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6 Types of Medical Equipment at Your Pharmacy

Pharmacists act in a supportive role beyond filling your prescriptions and answering important medical questions. Your pharmacy also supplies medical equipment necessary for recovery, comfort, and adaptive use. As a long-term care pharmacy, Myrtle Drugs offers several types of medical equipment that allows you to be comfortable and safe throughout your everyday life. Learn more about types of medical equipment available to you in Myrtle Creek.

Assistive Devices

Assistive devices, also known as adaptive devices, refer to any kind of equipment or tool that helps to improve an individual’s functioning. This includes any physical, intellectual, speech, hearing, and/or vision limitations that impede on one’s day-to-day capabilities.

While mobility devices will be specifically covered below, other assistive devices available at your pharmacy include:

  • • Reading glasses
  • • Magnifying glasses
  • • OTC hearing aids and accessories
  • • Accessibility adaptations such as grab bars

Mobility Devices

A mobility device is a type of assistive device meant to specifically help improve mobility and help you get around with ease, despite physical limitations. These can assist or supplant walking, balancing, and overall daily functioning to improve independence and accessibility. Mobility devices include:

  • • Wheelchairs
  • • Canes
  • • Walkers
  • • Crutches
  • • Rollators
  • • Sit-and-stand transfer aids
  • • Mobility scooters
  • • Gait trainers

When choosing a mobility device, your long-term care pharmacist can help you find out exactly what your limitations and abilities are. This is generally dependent on the type of physical limitation and whether it is because of a condition or injury, as well as consideration for your lifestyle and level of independence. They will be able to recommend the most appropriate device, size it correctly, and teach you how to use it safely.

Bathroom Equipment

Without assistive devices, it can be difficult and even dangerous to maneuver safely in the bathroom independently. Using adaptive equipment in the bathroom such as safety rails and grab bars, benches, and shower seats, you can prevent injury and improve your overall wellbeing.

Orthopedic Supplies

Orthopedic supplies help with injury or surgery recovery, as well as aid and correct orthopedic conditions by supporting and aligning the muscles, bones, and joints. These include:

  • • Knee and elbow braces and sleeves
  • • Ankle braces
  • • Rib and back braces and belts
  • • Shoulder slings
  • • Thumb splints
  • • Compression stockings

Your Myrtle Creek pharmacist can help you select, fit, and learn how to use necessary orthopedic medical equipment.


Nebulizers provide important treatment for those with asthma and other breathing difficulties. There are three different kinds of nebulizers:

  • • Ultrasonic
  • • Jet
  • • Mesh

Your Myrtle Creek pharmacist can assist you in selecting the right nebulizer for your condition, as well as education and support on how to use it effectively, and what additional nebulizer supplies can optimize your nebulizer use.

Diabetic Supplies

At Myrtle Drugs, we offer Diabetes support and education to help you manage your diabetes safely and effectively. In addition to providing lifestyle knowledge and medication management services, diabetic supplies such as compression socks, testing strips, diabetic monitors, lancets, glucose tablets, and even nutritional supplements are available.

Medical Equipment in Myrtle Creek

Myrtle Drugs is a long-term care pharmacy (LTCP) that offers patients in and outside of longterm care facilities with continuous access to pharmacists. This role includes the supply and guidance of important medical equipment that assists and improves your quality of life. Myrtle Drugs pharmacists can help ensure you have everything you need, including education and support needed to select and use the correct medical equipment and devices for your needs. You can count on your team at Myrtle Drugs to handle all your pharmacy-related needs!

Medical equipment is an important part of your recovery and comfort. The Myrtle Creek pharmacists at Myrtle Drugs can help you learn about your options. Call us today to learn how!