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7 Benefits of Choosing a Local Pharmacy Vs a Chain Pharmacy

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Even when chain pharmacies are located on every corner in town, they may not be the best choice for your pharmacy experience. If you receive ongoing treatment that includes prescription medication, you will frequent your pharmacy regularly. Choosing a local pharmacy over a chain pharmacy can forge a lasting relationship with your pharmacist, building trust and reliability.

At Myrtle Drugs, our pharmacists are happy to make sure that you understand your medication instructions, feel confident that you have the right prescriptions, and are comfortable asking questions. Determine what you need most from your pharmacy and you will discover that your local pharmacy suits your needs and more.

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7 Benefits of Choosing a Local Pharmacy

Your local pharmacists provide so much more than a filled prescription and the accompanying directions. Local pharmacies offer numerous benefits that chain pharmacies cannot. Because locally owned pharmacies are small businesses, the care and dedication of the employees reach beyond earning a paycheck.

The benefits of choosing a local pharmacy over a chain pharmacy include:

  1. Accuracy and dependability: Because there is no corporate pressure to move customers quickly or save the corporation money, employees at your local pharmacy can give each prescription and each customer the time and attention they deserve. Chain pharmacy employees are often overworked and underappreciated, overwhelmed with the workload, which may lead to oversights or mistakes with medication.
  2. Free delivery: Chain pharmacies cannot provide the personalized, individual service of offering to deliver your medications if you are unable to pick them up. Local pharmacies recognize loyal customers and what it takes to retain them, so delivering prescriptions when needed is not out of the question.
  3. Patient education: Your local pharmacist can provide so much more than a filled prescription. Local pharmacists can build rapport with you, learn what your health and wellness concerns are, and discuss solutions with you. Chain pharmacists are often too busy and distracted to provide more than a brief description of your medication’s warnings and directions.
  4. Personalized experience: One of the greatest benefits of choosing a local pharmacy is the personalized experience that comes with a smaller business. Your pharmacist will recognize you, remember your prescriptions, remember your health concerns, and build a relationship as you continue to visit. This can be an important benefit for customers who have ongoing health issues that require several reoccurring prescriptions. Knowing that your pharmacist remembers your medication regimen can prevent mishaps and improve your confidence in the treatment plan.
  5. Pricing flexibility: Because local pharmacies are not pressured to maintain high profit margins or stick to a widespread pricing strategy, they can be flexible with pricing. Pharmacists may be able to offer payment options that are not available at chains, including cash pay options if they are lower than insurance-based prices.
  6. Responsive and efficient: At your local pharmacy, you can expect to experience shorter wait times, both over the phone and in line. You can also expect to hear a live person on the line for phone calls instead of an automated system that keeps you on the line for extensive periods. Wait times are typically long at chain pharmacies due to understaffing, both for phone calls and in line at the store location.
  7. Support small business: By giving your business to a local pharmacy, you are supporting a small business and the economy of your community. Choosing your local pharmacy over a chain creates a snowball of benefits for you, the pharmacy owner, your community, and those supported by the business.

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The quality of your daily experiences can determine the trajectory of your day. Choosing to visit a local pharmacy over a chain becomes one of those experiences. Your local Myrtle Creek pharmacists and technicians at Myrtle Drugs offer a personalized experience, responsive service, and free delivery. Our pharmacy team can help you with prescription fills, medication explanations, and more.

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