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The local pharmacists at Myrtle Drugs play a vital role in your healthcare, providing health screenings and so much more. Call Myrtle Drugs today to learn more.

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Your Myrtle Creek pharmacy needs to make you feel comfortable and provide effective healthcare. Learn more about what to look for when choosing a pharmacy.

Qualities To Look For In A Myrtle Creek Pharmacy

Your Myrtle Creek pharmacy needs to be somewhere you feel comfortable. Somewhere healthcare professionals make you feel safe. And most importantly, somewhere that provides the treatment you need and...

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You’ll Have Support Using Medical Equipment in Myrtle Creek

Medical equipment in Myrtle Creek allows you to be comfortable and safe. It empowers you to overcome limited mobility and makes every day easier. Some of the medical equipment Myrtle Drugs provide are:

  • •...
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Watching a loved one struggling with long term care is difficult, but you can help make the process easier. Learn how with help from pharmacists at Myrtle Drugs in Myrtle Creek.

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Medication for chronic illnesses can get expensive, but there are ways to save. Find out how Myrtle Drugs can lower costs of chronic illness prescriptions.


he proper diabetes support and education can significantly impact your overall wellbeing. Learn more about diabetes care with Myrtle Drugs in Myrtle Creek.


Immunizations are part of healthcare. Knowing which immunizations Oregon public schools require helps keep children and adolescents healthy. Adults knowing which...


Managing your medication and health condition can be easier with medication therapy management in Myrtle Creek. Talk to our pharmacists today to learn how.


  • Remembering to pick up medication on time every time is easier said than done. With how busy life gets, forgetting about certain chores is understandable, including one as important as picking up prescriptions.

    That’s why Medication Synchronization in Myrtle Creek is available to you....


Compression stockings have several health benefits for patients. Contact us to see if our compression stockings in Myrtle Creek are for you!


  • Required Immunizations for Oregon Public Schools
  • Preparing your child for the upcoming school year includes more than just new clothes and school supplies. There are eight required immunizations for Oregon public schools, according to, but your child doesn’t have to receive them all at once....
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  • Long Term Care Pharmacy Versus Retail Pharmacy
  • A long-term care pharmacy services residents in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and under long-term care in a residential (at-home) setting. They are typically not open to the public, nor do they offer a variety of non-prescription items for sale, unlike their retail counterparts.

Myrtle Drugs is a long-term care pharmacy for our neighbors,...

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Visit Your Local Myrtle Creek Pharmacist for Better Customer Service

Even when chain pharmacies are located on every corner in town, they may not be the best choice for your pharmacy experience. If you receive ongoing treatment that includes prescription medication, you will frequent your pharmacy regularly. Choosing a local pharmacy over a chain pharmacy can forge a lasting relationship with your pharmacist, building...