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Myrtle Drugs: Your Go-To Emergency Pharmacy in Myrtle Creek

Being there for all of your pharmaceutical needs means being there when you need us most. That’s why Myrtle Drugs is now your go-to emergency pharmacy in Myrtle Creek. Urgent healthcare needs are hard to plan for, which can make them more stressful to deal with. However, when you know our emergency pharmacists in Myrtle Creek will be there to care for you, you’ll have less to worry about.

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Benefits of Myrtle Drugs’ Emergency Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacists can help you with more than just your prescriptions, and that includes emergency care. Having qualified emergency pharmacists available not only benefits you, but also other healthcare facilities and professionals in Myrtle Creek.

Prescribing the Right Medicine

In emergency situations, sometimes the details are easy to overlook. That’s why having an emergency pharmacist present is so beneficial. One of the many crucial roles of an emergency pharmacist is to make sure you not only receive the correct medicine, but also the right amount. Your emergency pharmacist will advise healthcare professionals on what and how much medicine you need. Factors like your condition and medical history will contribute to your emergency pharmacist’s decision.

Ensures Patient Safety

Being sure your prescription is right for you is another responsibility of your emergency pharmacist. This includes your emergency pharmacist:

  • Monitoring any allergic reactions
  • Knowing the goals of your treatment
  • Keeping an eye on your progress

These are multiple duties, but they all have one goal: ensuring your safety.

Offer Pharmaceutical Expertise to Other Healthcare Professionals

Other healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses can offer you better treatment when they have an emergency pharmacist helping them. That’s because they’re more likely to utilize pharmacy medication information when an emergency pharmacist is available. The emergency pharmacist can access this information in a timely manner, which can help your healthcare team reach a resolution faster.

Stays Current with Modern Medicine Trends

Certain medical practices evolve over time, but that doesn’t mean your standard medical emergency team knows about these changes. Emergency pharmacists in Myrtle Creek stay current on medical trends so they can advise their colleagues what the best way to treat you is. An emergency pharmacist who is knowledgeable on these trends can help achieve better outcomes for you and other patients


Emergency pharmacy services are great to have when it comes to resuscitation because they can help:

  • Administer a prescription immediately
  • Come up with creative ways to administer a prescription
  • Address questions about a prescription on the spot
  • Cure a patient with a toxicologic emergency

Having an emergency pharmacist around when resuscitation is happening can make all the difference.

Myrtle Creek Emergency Pharmacy Benefits You and the Community

Having emergency pharmacy services available when you need them most can help restore your health, but the benefits go even further than that. Emergency pharmacists improve Myrtle Creek’s healthcare professionals by offering an essential expertise to their practice. Myrtle Drugs wants to do all we can so you and other patients enjoy the best possible outcomes after receiving medical treatment. Offering emergency pharmacy services helps us do that.

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