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Chronic Illness and Medications: What to Do When Prices Get Too High

Medication for chronic illnesses can get expensive, but there are ways to save. Find out how Myrtle Drugs can lower costs of chronic illness prescriptions.

Chronic Illness and Medications: What to Do When Prices Get Too High

Managing High-Priced Medication in Myrtle Creek

Medication in Myrtle Creek treating chronic illnesses can cause financial stress. Instead of needing a one-time prescription, patients with chronic illnesses may have to pay for prescriptions several times a year. On top of prescription costs, they also visit other healthcare providers more frequently.

Unfortunately, this burden affects a large part of the population. Approximately 60 percent of adults in the United States of America have a chronic illness, and 40 percent have two or more chronic illnesses, according to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).

Healthcare must evolve to make prescriptions for patients with chronic illnesses more affordable. Until it does, Myrtle Drugs wants you to know you can take action against high-priced medication.

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Choose a Long-Term Care Pharmacy

A long-term care pharmacy (LTCP) provides you with more than prescriptions. Additional resources include better access to long-term care facilities like nursing homes. This can make getting the care you need more accessible and cost effective. Pharmacists can connect you with the appropriate healthcare providers and refine your treatment plan, effectively helping you avoid paying for services and medications you don’t need.

Enroll in Medication Therapy Management

Medication therapy management in Myrtle Creek (MTM) is terrific for patients with chronic conditions. Taking medication so often, and maybe having multiple conditions, can complicate staying organized with your prescriptions. Pharmacists assist patients in MTM by helping them:

  • Know their prescription schedule

  • Be aware of which prescription is for what condition

  • Monitor certain medications

  • Handle side effects

  • Deal with medication costs

Not only are Myrtle Creek pharmacists keeping tabs on your health, but also on how you cover your prescription costs. Having access to their expertise can benefit your health and bank account.

Research Assistance Programs

Assessing your insurance plan to find a more favorable one, which a pharmacist can help with, can lower your prescription costs. Outside of your insurance provider and plan, other resources that can help are Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs and State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs.

Each option can help you find ways to lower your prescription costs so taking care of your health isn’t as financially straining. A pharmacist in Myrtle Creek can help you evaluate these options and decide which is best for you.

Myrtle Creek Medication for Chronic Illnesses Can Be More Affordable

Cutting the costs of medication for chronic illnesses isn’t easy, but it is possible! Local resources like a pharmacy and assistance programs can make healthcare more affordable. Whatever healthcare challenges you face, know you can always turn to Myrtle Drugs’ pharmacists for support.

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