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How to Help Your Loved One Cope with Long Term Care

Watching a loved one struggling with long term care is difficult, but you can help make the process easier. Learn how with help from pharmacists at Myrtle Drugs in Myrtle Creek.

You Can Improve the Long-Term Care Experience in Myrtle Creek

Long term care in Myrtle Creek includes facilities like nursing homes and assisted living organizations. These facilities, in addition to Myrtle Drugs, provide patients with the necessary assistance and medication for them to be as comfortable as possible.

What medical facilities cannot provide as well as you is helping your loved one cope with long term care. The lifestyle adjustments can be an uphill battle. Changes like relying on another individual, who may initially be a stranger, for everyday chores, hygiene, etc., can be challenging for new patients. Even though you won’t be by their side all the time, you can make coping with long term care easier for your loved one.

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Visit as Often as Possible

The number one way to support your loved one in long term care is visiting them. This demonstrates you care and are there to help. A way to make your appearances more meaningful is by visiting at the right time.

As your loved one settles in, you’ll learn there are more optimal times to visit than others. Visiting on days they had a treatment may exhaust them. It could be better to let them rest instead. On the flip side, you’ll begin identifying times they appreciate your presence more than others. Maybe they long for your company during dinner or when their favorite show is on.

Every situation is different, so gauge what works with your loved one. You can also ask their caretaker(s) when they think is best.

Utilize Technology

Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of regularly visiting their loved ones at long term care facilities in Myrtle Creek. Work and proximity are two factors that can prevent frequent visitation, but in 2023, there’s a solution!

Technology allows us to see each other without being in the same room. You can set your loved one up with a smart phone, computer or tablet so you can talk face-to-face on FaceTime or Zoom. If your loved one isn’t too savvy with devices and software like these, you can ask their caretaker(s) to help.

Another option is getting them a GrandPad, a tablet designed to make connecting with family and friends easier and more accessible for the elderly.

Align Your Love One’s Support System

It’s no secret every family has problems. Complicated relationships and clashing personalities are common. Whatever your family’s circumstances are, do your best to set them aside for the sake of your loved one. A long term care patient’s family being on the same page can put their mind at ease.

Another component of this is aligning roles with the facility’s staff. This includes making it clear who the main point of contact is. That way, if something were to go awry, a designated decision maker is in place.

Maintain Their Identity

Patients in long term care facilities can feel forgotten about. As hard as staffs work, some don’t have the bandwidth to pay everyone the amount of attention they desire. This can lead to patients losing their identity.

You can help your loved one maintain theirs by personalizing their experience at a long term care facility. Accomplish this by:

  • Decorating their room with pictures, memorabilia and books from their previous home
  • Bringing them items they used to get themselves, such as the newspaper or a pastry from their favorite bakery
  • Telling the staff your loved one’s likes and dislikes

Our Long Term Care Pharmacy Supports You and Your Loved One

While you help your loved one cope with long term care, Myrtle Drugs, a long term care pharmacy (LTCP) for Myrtle Creek’s facilities and their patients, is here for additional support. This service provides continuous access to a pharmacist and emergency medication deliveries to ensure patients receive their medication(s). Together, we can make long term care facilities a more pleasant experience for everyone!

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