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The Pharmacists' Role in Your Medical Equipment

You’ll Have Support Using Medical Equipment in Myrtle Creek

Medical equipment in Myrtle Creek allows you to be comfortable and safe. It empowers you to overcome limited mobility and makes every day easier. Some of the medical equipment Myrtle Drugs provide are:

  • • Wheelchairs
  • • Canes
  • • Walkers
  • • Back support belts
  • • And more

As it pertains to medical equipment, a pharmacist’s role goes far beyond sending you home with what you need. Myrtle Creek pharmacists’ additional support exists so you maximize medical equipment’s benefits and live life to the fullest.

The right medical equipment combined with pharmacists’ support can enhance your life. Call Myrtle Drugs today to learn how.

Medical Equipment Education

Myrtle Creek pharmacists’ expertise isn’t limited to prescription medicine. They also know medical equipment like the back of their hand. It’s mandatory that they can:

  • • Show you how to operate the equipment
  • • Explain all its functions
  • • Answer your questions
  • • Address any other relevant topics

Training and experience have developed pharmacists’ expertise. This makes you feel confident about using your medical equipment possible.

Make You Feel Comfortable

The need for medical equipment often signals a significant life change. Whether it’s for the interim or long haul, adapting can be difficult and scary. Feeling those or others of trepidation is completely normal. Pharmacists who provide your medical equipment are also there to make you feel comfortable with the changes you’re experiencing. Leaning on your pharmacist in Myrtle Creek can boost your morale.

Track Your Progress

Progress looks different for every patient. One using a walker may be getting stronger after suffering a major injury. Another’s back support belt may work so well, they forget about their chronic back pain. Whatever progress is for you, your pharmacist will help you track it. The bonus of getting your medical equipment in Myrtle Creek is you have an expert in your corner who can confirm you’re on the right track. And if you feel like you’re on the wrong track, a pharmacist will be there to steer you in the correct direction.

Our Pharmacists Will Assist You with Myrtle Creek Medical Equipment

Myrtle Drugs does more than handle your prescriptions. As a long-term care pharmacy (LTCP), we provide patients in and outside of long-term care facilities with continuous access to pharmacists. This includes helping you properly use medical equipment to ensure you’re receiving the right care. That way, you can count on one team to handle all your pharmacy-related needs!

Medical equipment is an important part of your recovery and comfort. The Myrtle Creek pharmacists at Myrtle Drugs can help you learn about your options. Call us today to learn how!