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The Role Of Your Pharmacist In Health Screenings

The local pharmacists at Myrtle Drugs play a vital role in your healthcare, providing health screenings and so much more. Call Myrtle Drugs today to learn more.

Health Screenings in Myrtle Creek are Vital for Your Wellness

Pharmacists encourage health screenings in Myrtle Creek because they impact your short- and long-term health. They make you and a healthcare professional aware of symptoms that could lead to a potential diagnosis, improvements you’re making with a current condition and more.

Health screenings provide crucial, significant insight that helps your local pharmacist ensure you receive the care you need and deserve.

Health screenings can improve your future health outcomes. Call our pharmacy today to learn more from our Myrtle Creek pharmacists at Myrtle Drugs.

Improve Medication Therapy Management Service

The medication therapy management (MTM) service includes pharmacists helping patients who:

  • Take several medications for several different health conditions
  • Have difficulty managing their health and medications
  • Experience side effects from medications
  • Require medications that need close monitoring
  • Worry about their medication costs

And health screenings in Myrtle Creek help pharmacists perform their MTM duties. Pharmacists use the results to improve their understanding of patients’ medication needs. The information from these screenings can reveal how a patient is responding to a certain medication, their progress and more useful information.

Enhance Preventative Care

Health screenings are a proactive approach to healthcare. They can positively impact your quality of life by letting you and your pharmacist know what needs to be addressed in a timely manner.

Take high blood pressure for instance. A health screening can alert you and your pharmacist you may be at risk before overt symptoms appear. This, or another similar scenario, can make all the difference for your condition in the present and future.

Monitor Your Overall Health

Even if you don’t have a chronic condition or other health concerns, health screenings are still productive towards monitoring your overall health. They provide knowledge about what’s going on in your body and how you can better take care of yourself. Since a Myrtle Creek pharmacist conducts health screenings, your mind will be more at ease knowing a local healthcare professional is looking after your well-being.

Myrtle Creek Health Screenings Can Empower a Healthier Lifestyle

Myrtle Creek health screenings are key to your overall health and wellness. They have the power to help you better understand your health so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle in the present and future. Myrtle Drugs pharmacists encourage all our patients to be proactive about their health by taking advantage of our health screening services.

Health screenings help your short- and long-term health. Call Myrtle Drugs today to schedule yours with our Myrtle Creek pharmacists.