Tips to Reduce Immunization Side Effect Symptoms

Immunizations are part of healthcare. Knowing which immunizations Oregon public schools require helps keep children and adolescents healthy. Adults knowing which immunizations in Myrtle Creek are available also helps maintain overall health. Immunization side effect symptoms can temporarily make you not feel like yourself. The good news is there are ways to prevent immunizations you receive at Myrtle Drugs from getting you down!

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5 Ways to Prevent Immunizations in Myrtle Creek from Slowing You Down

Immunization education goes beyond knowing what each immunization protects you from. It also includes teaching you and other patients how to take care of yourself after receiving the proper dosage. Because you’re too busy to deal with immunization side effect symptoms!

Lay Low

Exercise is key to optimal health. However, you’ll want to avoid engaging in anything too strenuous after receiving an immunization at Myrtle Drugs. Pharmacists recommend laying low for the following one or two days. Physical exhaustion can weaken your immune system post immunization, which is the opposite of what’s best for you during this time.


Making a more conscious effort to remain hydrated before and after an immunization can reduce potential side effect symptoms. Failing to drink fluids is easy to do, and dehydration can make things worse. Keep water nearby to help you drink it more regularly.

Take Ibuprofen

Some patients experience a fever, aches and other minor ailments after an immunization. A Myrtle Creek pharmacist can tell you for certain if taking ibuprofen or another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug can benefit you. If you get the green light, take the recommended amount to temper these or similar symptoms.

Apply a Wet Cloth

Swelling and arm pain are possibilities post immunization. While normal, they can be uncomfortable. A wet, cool and clean cloth can reduce both. Do your best not to wear constricting clothing, as that can contradict swelling or pain alleviation.

Avoid Alcohol

In all likelihood, alcohol won’t harm your immune system’s response to immunizations, but drinking excessively can make you feel like it is. Binge drinking can amplify immunization side effect symptoms. Stay away from alcohol before your immunization, and ask a pharmacist in Myrtle Creek when you can drink after.

Enjoy Immunity and Feel Like Yourself

Immunizations help take care of your health, and they don’t have to slow you down. Talk to a pharmacist at Myrtle Drugs before receiving immunizations so you feel confident about handling their side effect symptoms. It’s part of their job to help you live healthy and happy!

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