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We Provide Fast Service—No Lines, No Waits, & Real Staff Who Care

At Myrtle Drugs, our goal is to serve patients as quickly and effectively as possible. We know that waiting on medications can be stressful and standing in long lines at a pharmacy doesn’t alleviate those stresses—that’s why we run a tight ship that is dedicated to serving our patients in the most friendly and efficient way possible.

When you visit Myrtle Drugs, your local Roseburg pharmacy, you will be greeted by smiling staff that is ready to care for your needs as quickly as possible! If visiting the pharmacy is difficult given your circumstances, call our Roseburg medication delivery team and ask about our complimentary delivery pharmacy services!

Get in touch with the team that cares! Myrtle Drugs guarantees top-tier services.

Roseburg Medication Delivery Services

Our Roseburg delivery pharmacy is excited to offer our nearby communities with delivery services. Because serving our patients with the utmost care is the highest of our priorities, we provide free delivery for patients within 50 miles of our pharmacy. Patients further than 50 miles from our pharmacy are offered overnight medication delivery at no cost.

Long-term Care Pharmacy in Roseburg

At Myrtle Drugs, we proudly boast our title as a long-term care pharmacy in Roseburg, which allows us to further service our community in need. Through such services, we provide the following:

  • Medications
  • Emergency medication deliveries
  • Consultant pharmacy services to long-term care facilities (such as nursing homes)
  • Continuous access to our pharmacists

Above all, our passion is to ensure all patients have access to medication therapies as quickly as possible!

Call Myrtle Drugs, Your Pharmacy Near Roseburg!

If you are searching for a pharmacy that provides quick service, you’ve found the right one. Myrtle Drugs is committed to excellence so our patients can live the healthiest, happiest versions of life possible.

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